Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Weekend :D

Hi guys!!!

So my grad school decided to take us on a little cultural tour in Washington DC because more than 2/3's of our class is international.  So bascially the tour was a 3 hour bus tour and the rest of the weekend free with a paid two nights hotel in the financial district.  SWWWEEEET!

Ok sooooo first of all I had an AWESOME weekend in Washington DC.  Did I go site seeing? a little :D Did I go to any of the museums? NO! did I take a lot of pictures? NO! my camera died 4 hours after I got there.  But i did take a total of 20 hours of transportation, sleep a lot, get dehydrated at a bar in Georgetown, went for a swim in the smallest hotel pool ever and partied in Adam Morgan! oooo and finished a chicken soup for the women's soul :D
The Union Train Station
The Frenchies the a Cali Girl
The Best roommate ever!
Future Husband 
Spot the sniper in the White House!
The short ones are attractive...the white extra pale ones, not so much
Four chinese plus a german...oooh lala
The chinobelgio couple

And then my camera DIED :(

And as side note....whhy is everyone in Washington DC so freakin sweet?

To top it all off it was my 9 months anniversary with my HUBBY PIE MONKEY on Sunday!!! we spent the whole day on the train so we had to postpone celebrations till monday.  (and yes DAMN RIGHT i celebrate monthly anniversaries).

We went to the most awesomest restuarant called Blue Ginger (which is celebrity chef Ming Tsai's restuarant) and he surprised me with roses by stealing my car keys when I went to get ready to take a shower :D :D :D LOVEEEE!!!! Unfortunately I did not get to take pictures of the most awesomest salmon and beef carrparccio or the lobster fried rice or the mimsosa, or the avacado stuffed soft shell crab or the rack of lamb. Because I forgot the camera, and it looked so darn delicious even if i had a camera I wouldn't have remembered.  I did take a picture of the congradulation cookie that the waiter gave us (even though he was confused as to why a 9 month celebration would be so special).

So yes Enjoy the pictures :D I am EXTRA HAPPY!!!

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  1. SO CUTE! mimi i miss you! glad you're happy. hope to see you soon ;)