Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Job searching

SOOOOOOOOOO...job searching.  The BIG deal about growing up.  Some people keep saying " omg it must be so easy for you" others are like " OMG this market is impossible".  and All I can think is shit...

So I graduated grad school this summer with a good and well known school in the field however its tiny and people outside of where i live have NO idea what it does.  But all the people in the school were like its an awesome school people will wnat you....blahblahblah.  

I guess it's kinda true.  I don't feel like I have experience but i think i can handle it.  I might even move to the big apple.  ITS GOONA BEEEEEE AWESOME!!!''

However there is one thing....will someone please find an iT job for my boy? I want him here :( but all his contacts are in Belgium...I want to help but i have no networks ...sad i want to live together

1 comment:

  1. I looove you pie... If my future job orginates from this blog I'm flying you to Hawai :)